About DGYA

DGYA is a non-profit organization that aims to spread awareness about cancer prevention. While we work with parents by providing them with sound counsel on the subject, we also help parents who have a child with active cancer. Seeing a child with cancer breaks our heart. We could just imagine how painful this encounter for the parent. Knowing the stress and financial trauma this may cause, DGYA offers a lending hand to these parents by doing fund-raising activities and gather voucher and ecard promo codes to lessen their medical bills. Our foundation has been active in collaborating with other non-profit organizations like us to reach our ideals and goals.

Scientific Methods and Approach in Cancer Prevention

With the help of technology and discoveries about cancer, DGYA takes advantage of them in the prevention of cancer. We create awareness to the public by using different tools and medium. Our organization believes that there might not be a cure for cancer yet, but we can prevent it. We believe that everyone is entitled to live their life to the fullest and see Amsterdam top sightseeing canal cruise. Early diagnosis of cancer gives the patient a higher chance of combating it. Learning about your DNA’s weaknesses can stray you away from harmful habits or lets you avoid the triggers that may predispose it. If you suspect that there is a possibility of cancer due to family history, contact your physician and see how to avail genetic testing.