Eat Healthy: Cancer-Fighting Food

Eating healthy will not guarantee a cancer-free life; however, the food we eat affects our overall health. Young kids should be introduced to vegetables and fruits. These foods should be part of their daily diet. Picky eaters will have a hard time adjusting to eating healthy, but as parents, we should impose good healthy eating into their lifestyle. You’ll be surprised that they will choose healthy food on your Amsterdam city trip. It’s a nice feeling that you are feeding your children with the right food.



Berries are a good source of antioxidants and vitamins. If your kids are not into eating them, you can make good shakes and juices out of them. Include berries when you go shopping on Amsterdam city tour pass. Berries also aid in digestion. They are good for the body that can shake away mood swings and tantrums.


You already know the famous line, one apple a day keeps the doctor away. This line is famous for a reason. Apples contain plant-based compounds called Polyphenols. This compound is a promising anti-cancer ingredient. The next time you dine in dinner cruise Amsterdam, make sure that your kids will get their portion of apples. You can also be creative when introducing apples as dessert.

Fatty Fishsalmon

Fatty fish is a good source of omega-3, vitamin b, and potassium. It is known for preventing prostate cancer in men. Go fishing in boat rental Amsterdam. When you are preparing fish, it’s healthier if you will smoke, grill, or steam rather than frying. Fish is a good alternative for pork and beef which have high cholesterol. Fatty fish is also good for the complexion. If you have a teenager who is suffering from acne, eating fish instead of red meat might help.


Legumes contain a good amount of fiber and protein. It helps prevent cancer diseases related to digestion such as colon cancer. If you kids hate legumes, you can feed them legumes by alternating their chocolate milk with soy milk. You can buy soy milk in bulk with special promo code discounts. Legumes are known to help lower the risk of breast cancer in women.